Essential Dev Tools 2021

Learn DevTools to edit, debug, test and optimize your web apps. No prior experience or knowledge required!

Essential Devtools

4 weeks, night time

Tuition Fee: 500,000 KRW (Around 450 USD)


Why Learn Devtools?

Increase your productivity and working speed on projects

Professional developer knowledge goes beyond how to program by yourself. Essential Dev Tools course teaches you how to be part of a team and to solve problems that you will encounter when working with fellow developers. Hence, giving you an advantage to work on either company projects or open-source projects.

What Will You Get from the Course?

  • ⏰💻👨‍🏫
    Master 3 Essential Devtools

    Easily learn 3 widely used developer tools in a short time!

  • 👩‍🏫🤓✍️
    Personalized support

    A professional software developer at your beck and call!

  • ​👨‍🎤​🆚​👩‍🎤​
    Suitable for EVERYONE

    Whether you're a coding newbie or an advanced programmer, a good understanding of devtools is definitely beneficial for you!

  • 🤓📊📐
    Everything you need to become a productive coder!

    Git tips and tricks
    How to code workflow
    Deploy to cloud infrastructure

We Know Korea
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Who else can say they have years of experience deeply integrated into Seoul's technological community?
With our network in Korea, you can rest assured that your options upon graduating will go beyond simply work.

You will be a welcomed member of our community.

We are all about Fundamentals
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We refuse to lock you in to a framework or language that very well may go out of style next year.

That's why we emphasize fundamentals of software, to ensure you have the skills to grasp any tool, language, or framework, upon graduating.

A Gift to Yourself.
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Now, more than ever, it's critical that we have the technological skills to keep up with the fast pace of our digital society.

Invest in yourself by learning the skills that will make you a commanding force in any domain.

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  • Will I get a job after the bootcamp?
  • Many of Wcoding Campus' graduates are employed within a few months of graduating. We believe that as long as a student is determined, willing, and self-motivated, they can achieve their goals with the help of Wcoding Campus.
  • What are the regulations for the cancellation & refund?
  • A 100% refund is guaranteed three weeks before the course starts, and 80% tuition refund until the end of the first week of class. (Except 150 USD registration fee is non-refundable.)
  • What if I am not in Korea? Can I still join the bootcamp?
  • We have a separate package for travelers from other countries -- contact us by letting us know which city you're living in and we'll tell you all about the Fullstack Travel Package!
  • Do you have online courses?
  • All of our courses are on-campus only. We encourage students to join the class in person for the best learning process and experience. Through experience, we know that it’s not only the knowledge and skills that one acquires through our course, but it’s about the overall experience of working in a professional working environment where you realize what it’s like to work as a developer in a team. This is a critical part that online learning experience cannot provide.
  • What language will the course be taught in?
  • All of our courses are taught in English.
  • Can Wcoding provide a student visa for me (D-2/D4)
  • We cannot issue student visa because we are not a university or college. However, we do help students take their first step into getting their visas and settling into Korea.
    Depending on your situation and nationality, you may need a tourist or working holiday visa from your home country. In the case of no-visa-entry countries, you can stay in Korea and study for a maximum of 90 days. You can check on the Korean visa portal and find out a suitable visa for you.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."