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Articles Fri Oct 01 2021
5 Things You Need to Know Before Joining a Bootcamp

Nowadays, coding bootcamps are becoming a comparatively economic and realistic option for people looking for better opportunities to work in tech…

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Articles Mon Sep 06 2021
5 Benefits of Learning Programming in Korea

One of the questions that have been frequently asked is 'Why Should I take an English coding bootcamp in Seoul Korea?' Well, here are 5 benefits of…

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Advice Thu Aug 05 2021
7 Reasons Why Coding Will Advance Your Career

When you imagine your typical 'programmer', it'll most likely be a tech dude (nerd/geek) that works all day in front of computers. The stereotype…

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Programming Mon Aug 02 2021
Why Learn Python? 5 Benefits of learning Python For Work

Python is one of the top and widely used programming languages nowadays. Many world-class software companies and big tech heads use Python in…

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education Fri Jul 23 2021
Students profile: Josie

dev-bootcamp alumni Josie was an English teacher/researcher, and now she is the developer & proud founder of a Korean language education company…

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Articles Thu Jul 15 2021
Why you should learn the foundations when programming

The IT industry is an open community. There’s no security guard checking your computer science degree before letting you in. Nor do you have to be a…